Friday, April 29, 2011

County Executive Candidate Presents Plan for More Transparency

Rich Fitzgerald, former Allegheny County Council President and candidate for County Executive, presented his plan for an "Online Checkbook" that would allow the public to monitor expenses in county departments. The website would display what checks the county has issued, the amount of the payments, and who received them.

Fitzgerald says that this is a proactive measure to create transparency. "People today with tax dollars want to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely. We have to account for every single dollar that we spend...but this is a way for the public to easily track the dollars without having to trapse downtown and go into the courthouse and go through the records."

Rich Fitzgerald says that this is something he believes he can do as policy if he is elected County Executive, but also would not be bothered if County Council approval is needed. He says Council has a track record of creating transparency and streamlining government, and they showed that by streamlining 9-11 services, reducing council staff and not increasing property taxes.

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