Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Committee Vote On Smoking Ban Postponed Again

Pennsylvanians will have to wait a little longer for a potential state-wide smoking ban, as the House-Senate conference committee's vote has been postponed until Monday. It was thought that the vote would be held at this morning's 9:00 public meeting. However, Republican Senator Charles McIlhinney of Bucks County recently obtained new information, and needs until Monday to compose his proposal. Senator Stewart Greenleaf of Montgomery County said that the idea is that all committee members will bring their own proposals to Monday's meeting and the committee will vote on them. He said the biggest issue of disparity within the committee remains exceptions to the smoking ban. Greenleaf, who supports a no-exception smoking ban, was optimistic that the committee will come to a decision on a bill on Monday. Today marks the third time action on the bill has been postponed. The House and Senate approved separate bills banning smoking in most public places, but the Senate version had several exceptions.

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