Monday, May 5, 2008

Latrobe Steelworkers Protest

Latrobe Steelworkers of USW Local 1537 have been disputing over a new proposed contract since May 1st. Many workers say it is due to management's unfairness to its employees. Instead of giving pay raises, it gave lump sum bonuses. In addition, it proposed to freeze the cost of living, double health care contribution over the next three years, and insert a two-tier wage structure for new workers.

Kevin Caruso, president of USW Steelworkers Local 1537, said a pay raise and a lump sum may add up to the same amount, but they are calculated differently.

Temporary workers were already sent to the plant to fill the spots of protesting workers. Caruso said he is worried about the quality of work the temporaries will give, and how safe they will be in unfamiliar conditions.

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