Monday, May 19, 2008

Pittsburgh Marathon Returns

The mayor along with the county chief executive and sponsors announced that there will in fact be a marathon in the streets of Pittsburgh once again. The last marathon was 6 years ago, because of a lack of sponsorship. Now, the Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon is on track for May 3rd, 2009. Other sponsors include Respironics, a medical supply company, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dick's has made a 3-year commitment to the race, but wouldn't disclose any further details on exact figures. They sponsor more than 1,000 races nation-wide, and will promote the Pittsburgh race nationally.
Pittsburgh's marathon was once nationally renowned, even used as an Olympic trial. Race officials say they don't expect to recapture that next year, but hope it will grow in coming years. Officials hope to begin the race on Grant Street in front of the City/County building and end it in the newly renovated Point State Park. The rest will wind through Pittsburgh's neighborhoods, causing what County Chief Executive Dan Onorato called a "trickle down effect" benefiting communities and businesses along the race. The route and the winner's purse have not been finalized.

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