Friday, May 23, 2008

PennDot announces work on Interstate 279 (parkway North)

PennDOT district 11 has announced the timetable for construction activities to take place on the parkway north (interstate 279) and the HOV lanes. The HOV lanes will be closed after the morning rush hour on Monday June 2ND and will remain closed through the July 4Th weekend. After that work will shift to the Southbound lanes up until the Labor day weekend with work shifting to the Northbound lanes after that. The Project is expected to be completed in the fall. During construction on the North and Southbound lanes the HOV lanes will be opened for regular traffic so two lanes will be operating in each direction. The work in preventative repairs because the interstate has not seen any serious work since it's opening in 1989. The work is a part of an 11.2 Million dollar repair effort. More information can be found at PennDOT's district 11 website.

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