Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heinz Sets Sustainability Goal

Pittsburgh-based Heinz says its greenhouse gas emissions will drop 20 percent by 2015. The company announced several initiatives it's pursuing to reduce energy consumption, water usage, transportation and waste. At an Oregon facility, the company plans to convert potato peels from Ore-ida products into biofuel. Spokesman Michael Mullen says this would be the first time potato peels would be converted into energy. Heinz believes it could eventually generate enough energy to heat 4,000 Oregon homes during the winter.

Other initiatives include using more eco-friendly packaging in Heinz's Boston Market product line, and lighter-weight aluminum cans. Heinz also wants to grow tomatoes in new locations like China, Egypt and eastern Europe in order to lessen the number of miles the company needs to travel to ship tomato paste to its customers.

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