Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ballet Done to Doo Wop in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Ballet Company opens a new show Thursday that is anything but traditional. “American Rhythms” is done in three parts and is set to American music of the 20th century. It opens with the music of Cole Porter, moves on to Bruce Springsteen tunes and then wraps up with a toe tapping round of Doo Wop. The Doo Wop piece caries the title “Step Touch” and was choreographed by Dwight Rhoden who says he tried to bring into the dance the steps done by the singers and the kids who were dancing to the tunes in the 50’s. Dancer Eva Trapp says despite the modern music this is not modern dance. She says ballet fans will still see the classic moves but new comers will also love the music and the movement. Listen to a longer audio version of this story.

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