Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Citizens Asked To Help Pittsburgh Go Green

Working to reduce global warming, environmental group PennFuture announced today a first of its kind attempt to run a citywide citizen action campaign. Working in collaboration with various community groups and local governmental offices "The Black and Gold City Goes Green" program is trying to involve every Pittsburgher in reducing global warming. PennFuture's Western Pennsylvania Outreach coordinator Joylette Portlock says each month the program will ask citizens to engage in a simple action that will reduce their impact on the environment. She says the recommendation for March is simple, change a light bulb from an incandescent to a fluorescent. Other recommendations that will be given each month include buying locally grown food, adjusting the thermostat, using reusable shopping bags and buying recycled products. The program hopes to see a measurable decrease in heat trapping gases by January 2010

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