Wednesday, March 25, 2009

State of Black America, Black Pittsburgh

The National Urban League's "State of Black America 2009" report shows it's the best of time and worst of times for African-Americans. According to the Urban League it's the best of times because the U.S. has its first African-American president, and the worst of times because of the ongoing gap between blacks and whites in jobs, housing and education. The report indicates that blacks are twice as likely to be unemployed, three times as likely to live in poverty, and six times as likely to be incarcerated. Esther Bush, President and C-E-O of the Urban League of Pittsburgh, says the country needs the president to address the economic troubles facing all Americans across gender, cultural and racial lines. Bush says Pittsburgh appears to be doing better in these economic troubles than many other urban areas but the employment gap between whites and blacks remains significant and must be addressed.
Click here to listen to an interview with Esther Bush

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