Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fumo Guilty

A federal judge has set bail at $2 million dollars for former state Senator Vincent Fumo. A jury convicted the Democrat of 137 counts of fraud and obstruction of justice Monday. It took 5 weeks to present the testimony and just more than 5 days for the jury to come to a decision. Jurors say the evidence against Fumo was overwhelming, and his own testimony hurt his case. Juror Myrna DeVoren, from Havertown, said Fumo got carried away by money and power. "Here's a man, thirty years as a Senator, he started out doing good for people in my opinion and then somewhere he crossed the line. I'm not sure with money and power, I'm not sure why people cross that line." Said DeVoren. Former U-S attorney Patrick Meehan says he hopes the conviction will generate reform at the state capitol. He said, “Hopefully this is a peak inside the Harrisburg capital dome. It will shed some light on the ways the office was able to be abused. The lack of scrutiny on the way dollars were being spent.” A hearing later this week will determine what property Fumo may have to forfeit.

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