Thursday, March 26, 2009

SportsWorks is Coming Back

The Carnegie Science Center says it will open a new version of the once popular SportsWorks exhibit. The $5 million, 12,000 square-foot facility will be placed in the 20,000 square-foot building being erected in the center’s parking lot. The goal is to have the new SportsWorks open by Thanksgiving of this year. The rest of the building will be filled with classrooms and the Science Center's Science new “Your Neighborhood” youth program. Science Center co-Director Ann Metzger says the new SportsWorks will once again offer all types of physical activities but rather than focusing on the science of sports it will focus more on health, and how the body works. The first SportsWorks opened in 2001 in a building to the north of the main building. The exhibit was closed to make way for the bodies exhibition and then later the Titanic show. The building was eventually razed to make way for the Port Authority’s north shore connector. Highmark has entered into a 3-year naming sponsorship agreement. Metzger says, “More than 3 million visitors climbed, bounced, sprinted, and jumped their way through the dozens of activities” in the old building. "A new, updated SportsWorks is a key component of expanding and refining visitor experiences at Carnegie Science Center," said Metzger.

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