Tuesday, March 31, 2009

House Leader to PA AG: Consider Leaving Post

Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Todd Eachus is raising the question of whether Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett should step down before embarking on a campaign for governor. However, the Democratic lawmaker is stopping short of telling the AG to quit. Corbett is in the middle of an investigation into legislative abuses. So far he has filed charges against a hand full of Democrats. Just recently he filed charges against former Democratic whip Mike Veon in an unrelated corruption case. He has not filed charges against any Republicans so far. Corbett says he is doing a through investigation and not working on any lawmaker’s timetable. In the meantime Corbet is said to be considering a run for Governor. He hasn't officially announced, but he's filed the paperwork to form an exploratory committee. Rep. Eachus notes former Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell resigned before running for governor, and says Corbett should consider doing the same. He says, “There's past practice from other attorney generals in other states, that they felt that they couldn't balance the full-time effort to the attorney general's position against the balance of a full-time campaign. Because running for governor is a full-time job.” Eachus says he's simply raising the issue, and isn't taking a stand on whether Corbett should step down. A Corbett spokesman says the Attorney General will keep "working full time.”

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