Thursday, April 16, 2009

Children's Cuts Ribbion

Out patients will begin using the new Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh facility in Lawrenceville next week and all of the patients will move May 2nd in a 10-hour blitz. The $625 million 10-acer campus includes the 296-bed hospital and four other support and research buildings. The hospital is 25% bigger than the current facility in Oakland, it has 50% more research space and an emergency room that is twice as big as the one in use today. Emergency Department Director Meredith Aumer says it will be a much more friendly environment. She notes there is natural light, bright colors and painted walls. She says the space is not only more Patient friendly but the design will also help the staff do their jobs better. Once admitted, most patients will be placed in private rooms with beds for parents. Parents will also have access to a library and business center in the hospital. Each floor features common areas where families can gather and patients can watch movies and play video games in their rooms “on-demand.” Hospital officials hope the proximity of the researchers, direct caregivers and patients will create a synergy that will aid all three groups.

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