Monday, April 27, 2009

Commonwealth Foundation: Stimulus Funds Ironic

Philadelphia's Independence Hall is benefitting from the federal stimulus package and some feel that is a bit ironic. Opponents of increased government spending say the stimulus plan in general runs contrary to the nations founding fathers and basic Constitutional principles. 5.6 million stimulus dollars are being used to repair the iconic Independence Hall. The funds will fix a leaky steeple. That funding comes from a 750 million dollar block of money being used for national Park projects. Matt Brouillette is the President and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation, a conservative group that helped organize a recent "tea party" at the state Capitol to criticize they label out of control government spending. Brouillette calls the grant ironic, arguing the stimulus and recent federal bailouts of private companies aren't what the Founding Fathers had in mind for the country when they drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution there. He says, “I think lots of folks would be rolling over in their graves right now, looking at what is happening in Washington, and the direction that we're headed in, in terms of using taxpayer money to prop up failed business operations.” Independence National Historic Park superintendent Cynthia Macleod says the restoration will last fourteen months. Also included in the list of National Parks getting stimulus money is the Johnstown Flood National Memorial. Those funds will be used to reconstruct observation towers.

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