Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UPMC Joins Army Reserve's Employer Partnership Initiative

The program begun last April is a process to secure and share the talents of trained professionals to meet the country's military and civilian needs. Army Reserve Chief Lt. General Jack Stultz says the country’s 250,000 Army Reservists are now used in combat on a regular basis, and military training enhances an employee's value in the private sector, and vice versa. Stultz says the program is open to all kinds of employers but UPMC is an especially natural fit because two-thirds of the Army's medical capability is in the Army Reserve.

After 9/11, UPMC adopted policies to recognize the sacrifices made by their employees with military commitments. They pay up to $5000 a month to make up the difference in pay when an employee is called to active duty, and they make sure the veteran’s job, or its equivalent, is available when the employee returns to civilian life.

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