Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GOP Senate Candidate Says Specter Has "Gone Home"

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Peg Luksik is calling Senator Arlen Specter's move from the Republican party to the Democratic one "clarifying". "He's now made abundantly clear to the voters of Pennsylvania that he stands with the radical liberal agenda of the Democrats. It's good that he's made his position clear," says Luksik. The GOP candidate, who runs against fellow Pat Toomey in the 2010 primary, says Specter's switch will allow for a more conservative Republican to challenge the Democratic party. "Now people have a choice between Senator Specter, who is a very liberal Democrat, which he's kind of always been, and a true conservative... I think that's a good thing." Luksik says she is confident that Pennsylvania families want a senator who has not "lost touch" with their familial values. Her "Build America from the Family Up" campaign started this March.

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