Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trim the PA Budget Says Republican

The head of the PA Senate Appropriations Committee says he wants to see Governor Ed Rendell's spending plan scaled back by one and a half billion dollars. Committee Chair, Republican Jake Corman of Centre County says Rendell's $29-billion spending plan is "budgetary malpractice," and too costly for the current fiscal climate. Corman wants to see a final plan closer to 27 and a half billion dollars, though he concedes that means institutions like state libraries will suffer. He says, “Some line items that do positive things for the commonwealth aren't going to get funded. Libraries are obviously an important part of our community-an important part of the commonwealth and education-but it's a tough year.” Corman says Rendell's plan relies too much on taxes, and says a proposed levy on Marcellus Shale natural gas extractions is "off the table." A spokesman for Governor Rendell says the targeted taxes in the budget are fair.

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