Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gun Controll Debate Enters PA US Sen. Campaign

Republican US Senate candidate Pat Toomey says Governor Rendell's push for a new federal assault weapons ban is misguided and he has a better solution. Toomey’s remarks come as the idea of tighter gun control laws falls in the spotlight in the wake of the killing of three Pittsburgh police officers. Rendell wants Congress to renew the expired federal ban on assault weapons like AK-47s, and is also calling for several state gun control measures. Pat Toomey argues banning weapons won't keep them off the streets. “You can say it's illegal to have a gun, but these are people who are willing to rob and maim and kill. It's not obvious that all of the sudden you can pass a law against a gun they're going to say, 'well, I'll follow that law,'” says Toomey. He went o to say, “Some of the most crime-ridden places in America are places that have strict gun control laws. Criminals, by definition, are willing to break the law.” Toomey's primary opponent, Incumbent Arlen Specter, voted against the original assault weapons ban, and has said he'd oppose efforts to reinstate it.

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