Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Friends of the Fountain Campaign Challenge is Coming to a Close

On November 24, the one million dollar matching challenge grant pledged by the Colcom Foundation for Riverlife’s Friends of the Fountain campaign will expire.
Colcom pledged to match up to one million dollars to save the 30-year-old Fountain last November.

Exectutive Director of Riverlife, Lisa Shroeder, says since the pledge, the campaign has raised over 550 thousand dollars, and Colcom has matched every penny.

Shroeder says that remaining 450 thousand is “just waiting to be grabbed by generous Pittsburghers pitching in during this final week.”

She says anyone can sign up and donate online, or find the Friends of the Fountain booth near the Roberto Clemente Bridge on Light Up Night—Friday, November 20. Any amount is accepted, but those who donate at least 20 dollars will receive a Fountain Duck. She says these little rubber duckies will have a special message about the Fountain, and are meant to be brought to the Fountain dedication ceremony in 2011.

She says without these donations, the Fountain is likely to stay off for the year of 2010. She says the site of the fountain rising from the point has been the symbol of Pittsburgh for three decades, and without it, Pittsburgh would not be the same.

Shroeder says the Fountain’s renovations will include fixing the underground water pipes, creating a sitting base around the fountain as well as a splash pool for children. There will also be new lighting technology and granite stones.

Riverlife Task Force is taking donations online.

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