Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sustainability Symposium

Business leaders and sustainability experts from across the country gathered in Pittsburgh today for a symposium on how green business practices can help in the economic recovery.
The conference, "Sustainability: The Bridge to the Future," was sponsored by Duquesne University and focused on why environmental, financial and social responsibility, the new triple bottom line, are essential for economic recovery, innovation and growth.
Keynote speaker Andrew Winston, author of Green Recovery said while there is an incredible movement to go green, there is still tremendous resistance….

"I think that the fundamental hurdle that business people face is seeing "green" as an expensive cost and the truth is, green fundamentally lowers costs....that's true in the long run definitely and in the short run in many, many situations."

Winston says there are many areas such as lighting, heating and cooling, distribution and I.T. energy use where green energy investments will pay off in months not years….. He says the 4 areas of a Green Recovery are getting lean…in materials not employees….get smart, get your people involved… and get creative.,…by re-imagining your business.
Dr. Alan Miciak, dean of Duquesne's Palumbo-Donahue School of Business. said the best companies are not only interested in making money " they are concerned with what is being referred to as the 'triple bottom line,' which includes financial, social and environmental responsibility, all essential performance indicators in today's business and regulatory environment."

The participants discussed how successful companies align sustainable values with business priorities and how a lasting economic recovery demands all organizations be smart and sustainable.

Listen to an extended interview with Andrew Winston.

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