Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Light Up Plans This Year

With Market Square under construction and access to the point a bit difficult due to construction of the new T station, the Pittsburgh downtown partnership has made some big venue changes to this year’s Light Up Night. The biggest change may be the best place to watch the fireworks. The fireworks have been moved up the Allegheny River from just off the Point to the area near the 7th Street Bridge. A concert will be held on the 6th Street Bridge starting at 5:30 and the fireworks begin at 9:15. Partnership President and CEO Mike Edwards says it was simply going to be too hard to get people in and out of Point State Park so it made sense to move the launch up river. He says the new location will provide a great backdrop, “There is no other place in the world like it with the city and the sister bridges.” Edwards says the north shore will be another good viewing area. Also new this year will be a parade through the golden triangle. The marching bands will step off from PPG Place at 6:45 and work its way to the Clemente Bridge. Edwards says they waned to make sure revelers would know to make their way to the bridge. He says, “430 kids playing Christmas music as loud as can be through marching bands would be a good way to do that.” Light Up Night activities will also be found at Oxford center, Macy’s and Fifth Avenue Place. The entire Light Up Night line up can be found online.

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