Friday, November 13, 2009

Pittsburgh Promise Extension

The Pittsburgh Promise scholarship program is partnering with the Community College of Allegheny County to create an extension to potential scholarship recipients. Saleem Ghubril, Promise Executive Director, says “the light turns on later” for some high school students, sometimes around senior year. He says that may not be enough time for students to reach the 2.5 GPA requirement to be eligible for the Promise.

However, Ghubril says they are willing to take a gamble with students who are close to meeting the GPA standard, and also meet all other eligibility requirements. These students, if admitted, will be enrolled at CCAC for a semester to take predetermined classes chosen by the school. If those students maintain a 2.0 GPA, the Promise will pay for a full course load the next semester at CCAC. If they continue to maintain that GPA, they will then qualify for the regular Promise scholarship program that is available at several schools statewide. The extension will be implemented for students that are graduating in the class of 2010.

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