Monday, November 23, 2009

Wagner: He & Corbett Can Do Jobs & Still Campaign

Auditor General Jack Wagner says he and Tom Corbett are capable of running for governor of Pennsylvania while keeping their day jobs.
Now that both Wagner, a Democrat, and Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett have formally declared their campaigns for governor, opponents have stepped up their criticism each time the men announce high-profile audits or charges.
Democratic candidate Tom Knox says it’s wrong to run for statewide office while holding another post, and Republican Jim Gerlach says Corbett’s legislative corruption investigation is a conflict of interest for someone who wants to be the next governor.
Wagner dismisses the complaints.

"Tom Corbett is elected at Attorney General. I’m elected as Auditor General. He’s a prosecutor, I’m a fiscal watchdog. The way I view it we’re both doing our job. That’s what the people of Pennsylvania elected us to do."

Corbett has repeatedly said he won’t step down, and he’ll keep looking into corruption charges.
His latest opponent, State Representative Sam Rohrer, says he applauds the ongoing investigation, which recently charged ten Republicans.
"Does it conflict potentially with what he’s doing? I think by the mere fact there’s been so much press and so much concern, there is a possibility, definitely, of conflicting with what he does. So he’s going to have to weigh very carefully what he and how he chooses to pursue this investigation, or what he does."

Rohrer deflected questions about whether Corbett should step down, saying that’s up to the Attorney General.

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