Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Commissary Nabs Last Bit of Funding

The commissary slated to be built in Moon has received its final piece of federal funding.

$5 million was given for the new building, which will replace an older, smaller facility in Collier.

Congressman Tim Murphy of Upper St. Clair says this latest funding will be used to cover the cost of keeping the current commissary in Collier open, while expanding the new one to include an “exchange” – another section of the building that would provide supplies, uniforms and household items.

Murphy says the expansion of the region’s commissary has piqued the interest of the Navy and the Marines to add bases in the area.

Murphy says more troops drilling in Southwestern Pennsylvania means more income spent at local businesses and more population to the region.

The $5 million will be added to a $4 million given in 2007 and $8.2 million granted in 2008.

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