Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Turnpike Tolls to Increase Slightly

The Pennsylvania Turnpike will hike tolls by 3% January 3, as part of a scheduled increase meant to combat inflation.

Turnpike spokesman Carl DeFebo says the most common toll of $0.95 will increase by a nickel for cash-paying customers, because the Turnpike doesn’t accept pennies.

DeFebo says the same toll for an E-ZPass driver will increase to 98 cents exactly, because the transaction is done electronically.

The Turnpike plans to implement 3% increases annually after upping fares 25% last year. The revenue will be used to fund road construction and mass transit projects, as mandated by Act 44 of 2007.

DeFebo says before electronic toll payments, larger fare increases were done about every decade to avoid reprinting Turnpike tickets each year. He says the smaller, incremental hikes are easier to manage now that most customers use the E-ZPass system.

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