Monday, December 21, 2009

PA Lawmaker/Guardsman Returns From Iraq

A Delaware County lawmaker is back at the state Capitol after a tour in Iraq.
Freshman Republican Nick Miccarelli spent just a few weeks in the House before heading to southern Iraq with the Pennsylvania National Guard.
He served as a tail gunner in a Blackhawk helicopter.
Addressing the chamber on his first day back, Micarelli said he and Cumberland County Republican Scott Perry, who's also in the Guard's 28th Combat Aviation Brigade, learned a lot about life's contrasts.

"And Scott and I would go from laughing in the chow hall and arguing politics to hiding in bunkers hoping that the rockets didn't land too close. This chamber, we legislate in peace, while in Iraq government buildings are routinely blown up by car bombs

He says he feels like he's back where he left off in January, recounting a phone conversation he had with Representative Bill Adolph earlier this year.

"He's like, Nick, you know, it stinks you're over there, but I'll tell you - at least you won't have to deal with any of these budget bills. And I get home and the first thing I'm doing is voting on a budget bill for this past fiscal year. So, here we go."

Miccarelli has served three overseas tours. Perry is still in Iraq. He's scheduled to come back over the next few months.

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