Wednesday, March 3, 2010

City Councilman Pushes Towing Bill

A city councilman is introducing a new bill that would make city towing companies more accountable and help prevent people from being victimized. Councilman Doug Shields wants to require towing companies and those licensed to tow cars to register so that the city sees them “on the radar.” He says there are already laws in place that address towing companies, but they are not enforced.
For instance, Shields says violation for parking in a private lot cannot exceed a $110 fine after being towed. If a towing company charges more than that, one can go to a district magistrate to appeal the fine. However, filing that charge costs $70. He says he wants to see language in the bill saying the towing company should also take the responsibility of that fee. Another law that’s in place he says is never enforced regards ancillary use lots. If a lot is closed at night, but a warning sign that remains shows a tow warning is void if the parking lot is not gated. Under city code, Shields says towing a car in a lot that is not gated at off hours should be fined $1000.
There is a post-agenda meeting regarding the bill on Friday, March 12 at 10am. Shields says those who are knowledgeable will speak on the matter and the event will be aired on the city channel 13.

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