Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Specter Keeps Lead Over Sestak

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows just four in ten Pennsylvania voters think Senator Arlen Specter deserves another term. But the survey has the incumbent maintaining a wide lead over primary challenger Joe Sestak.
About two and a half months before the Democratic primary, Specter holds a 53 to 29 percent lead over Congressman Sestak, with fourteen percent undecided.
The main explanation for the margin, according to assistant polling director Peter Brown, is the fact seven in ten Democratic voters don’t know enough about Sestak to form an opinion.

"This is a race, again, where name recognition really matters. And until Mr. Sestak is able to tell voters who he is and what he’s for, Specter has a lead."

Brown says among respondents familiar with both candidates, Sestak holds a lead.
Just 38 percent of voters think Specter deserves another term in Washington, though six in ten Democrats say he should be reelected.
A recent Franklin and Marshall College poll found only one in four voters think Specter deserves another term.

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