Monday, August 9, 2010

PA DEP Ups Home Heating Rebates

Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection has increased the amount of money it gives to families who replace their old home furnaces or hot water heaters with energy-efficient models.

Before August 2, rebates ranged from $100-$500. Now, rebates run from $250-$1,000.

The DEP received $11 million of federal funding for the Home Heating Equipment Rebate Program. Since its April inception, the program has only used about $2 million of that money on about 3,900 residents.

However, DEP Secretary John Hanger says demand will probably increase soon.

“We expected that the rebates would be affected by seasonal issues. After all, people generally do not run out and fix their home heating equipment during the summer,” says Hanger. “But as the fall is not too far around the corner, people start thinking about replacing their furnaces or hot water heating systems.”

The DEP chief says these home heating systems can represent a large part of home energy bills, and making them more efficient will decrease monthly bills. Hanger says the rebates make replacing the equipment even more attractive.

Hanger says that local contractors are needed to install these heating systems, so taking part in the rebate program will also stimulate the state’s economy.

One can learn more at the program's website.

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