Monday, August 9, 2010

PA Legislator: Federal Health Law... "Unconstitutional"

A Tioga County Republican is hoping a Missouri referendum on the new federal health care law delivers some momentum for his effort to block the legislation in Pennsylvania.
7 in 10 Missouri voters recently opted to block the law’s health insurance mandate from taking effect in their state.
Several other states, including Virginia, have also passed laws essentially nullifying a key portion of the measure. Opponents of such nullification legislation argue state laws are superseded by federal laws.
Republican Representative Matthew Baker has authored a similar bill in Pennsylvania.
He insists the federal government doesn’t have the right to make people buy a product.

"My goodness, is it health care tomorrow? Is it automobiles or hybrids or some other kind of commodity or product? This is an overreaching of the federal government and our Constitution."

Baker concedes the bill isn’t going to be brought up for a vote with Democrats controlling the House. Republican caucus spokesman Steve Miskin wouldn’t promise a floor vote if the GOP wins the majority in November, but says most House Republicans support the measure, and the bill would “definitely” be at least considered.
Pennsylvania’s Republican Attorney General, Tom Corbett, has signed onto a federal lawsuit challenging the health care bill’s constitutionality.

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