Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Duquesne Light Offers Storm Update Texts

Duquesne Light Company has introduced a new alert system that sends text messages to customers when a storm knocks out electricity to their homes and businesses.

Duquesne Light spokesman Joseph Vallarian says the texts will provide the same information the company gives news media in cases of power outages. He says the difference is while televisions and computers may not work at that time of the power outage, mobile phones are usually still on.

Vallarian says it's a free service ..."text messaging is one of the most commonly used communication vehicles today, so this is the next logical step in communicating with our customers."

Vallarian says the alert system will also send texts telling customers of energy-saving tips, notices of free appliance recycling and free online energy audits. Customers can receive the information by texting DUQLIGHT to 94253.

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