Wednesday, January 26, 2011

House GOP Leader Questions 2-Year Budget Cycle

A week after he was sworn into office, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett released his state government reform package.
The three-page document includes a call for a ten-percent cut in administrative spending, and an improved online database documenting the state’s finances.
Corbett’s plan emphasizes an idea he campaigned on: shifting from a one-year to two-year budget cycle.

Right now, 20 other states across the country are on a two-year budget cycle. I believe Pennsylvania needs to do the same. A biennial budget allows for a more focused and long-term analysis of government programs and the use of tax dollars. It makes it easier to control costs.

Corbett’s office released video and audio sound bites along with the reform press release.
He didn’t unveil the plan at a public event.
House Republican Majority Leader Mike Turzai says he’s open to considering Corbett’s two-year budget proposal, but he’s skeptical of the idea.

"It’s difficult enough budgeting a year at a time. I think if you do a two-year budget it’s hard to take into account what your sales and personal income tax revenues are going to be, such that you can appropriately prioritize them."

Legislation to amend the state constitution to allow for a biennial budget was introduced in the House and Senate Tuesday.

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