Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Power Plants Emitting Mercury Pollution, Says New Report

Coal-fired power plants in Southwestern Pennsylvania emit some of the highest quantities of mercury in the country, according to a report.

Advocacy group Penn Environment released a report highlighting the public health and environmental threats posed by mercury pollution from power plants.

Erika Staaf, from Penn Environment says one of the worst offenders is in Armstrong County.

"RRI Energy’s Keystone Power Plant, now called Gennon Energy in Shelockta, just about an hour from here emits more than 2,100 pounds of mercury every year. That’s the most in Pennsylvania and the second most in the country," she said.

Using federal emissions data, they found that two plants in Indiana and Cambria county are ranked fourth and eighth.

Power plants in Pennsylvania emitted 15,000 pounds of mercury pollution in 2009, the last year for which data was available.

Mercury, a neurotoxin can result in learning disabilities, developmental disorders and reproductive failure.

The EPA is set to propose a standard to limit mercury and other toxic air pollutions from power plants in March.

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