Friday, January 28, 2011

Fundraiser and Cultural Event will Support Teaching Project in the Congo

The "Heart for Congo" will be held this Saturday (January 29th) in the Uptown District of Pittsburgh. The event will include a silent art auction, with pieces donated by local artists, as well as a performance by the Wacongo Dance Company (a traditional Congolese music and dance troop). All proceeds will go to the Congolese Advocacy Memorial Project (C.A.M.P.) initiative of the Fulton County Medical Center.

The C.A.M.P. Fund also hosts ongoing projects in Congo, collaborating with local institutions, Technical Medical Institute of Rwanguabe, and a medical aid organization AID Africa to operate a rural nursing school.

Saturday's event focuses on education in Congo. Event co-coordinator Jeff Cech says there is a big need for materials and teachers and the fundraiser will help the education of Congolese students.... "We're raising funds to specifically (support) a project, the Jitoe Project. Jitoe means 'to give of yourself' in Swahili. So the project is one that's hoping to send Rebecca (another coordinator) and myself to teach at University for two semesters."

Event Co-Coordinator Rebecca Cech says the idea is to educate a large number of people so that they will want to get involved in government and make peace sustainable...."Our entire goal is to put the power in the right hands of the people who are actually doing good. People who are professionals and in positions to break the cycles of violence.
She says that giving an education to Congolese students is a main way of providing leadership the country needs. The fundraiser will take place from five to nine p.m. in the former Paramount Studios Building (1727 Blvd. of the Allies).

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