Thursday, January 13, 2011

Protest Held Over "Lack of Justice" for Jordan Miles

The Alliance for Police Accountability held a vigil Wednesday in memoriam of the one year anniversary of the Jordan Miles incident. Held on the corner of Tioga and Rosedale Street in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, the location of the incident, the protest was intended to show investigators and city officials that people in the city still remember the alleged beating.

Jordan Miles, an African-American and CAPA honor student, was allegedly beaten by three plain clothed police officers during an arrest last year. The civil rights suit, filed on behalf of the Miles family, that followed has since gone into mediation since all lawsuits filed in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh must opt for mediation or some form of arbitration before they can proceed to trial.

Brandi Fisher, spokesperson for the Alliance says that the amount of time it is taking for answers to be made available is unacceptable. "This case doesn't involve a lot of people, it doesn't have a large number of evidence, and to take a year to investigate whether there was something wrongful done I think is absurd to try to lead us to believe."

Fisher says that it has been frustrating waiting for investigations to reveal what happened the night of the alleged beating and would like to see more support from city council in finding answers.

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