Monday, April 4, 2011

AAA Works to Remove Unsafe Car Seats

Car seats handed down or bought at garage sales can compromise a child's health if people don't know they're hazardous. So AAA is hosting a car seat "round up" in the North Hills.

Bevi Powell, spokeswomen for AAA, says that it is common for people to be using unsafe car seats. "It is economical so they try to share things, just like they hand-down clothing. But a car seat is something that really should not be handed-down because you don't know where the history is if you're buying it secondhand or if you're using it secondhand. Definitely worth the investment of purchasing a new one."

Powell says that there are many things that can make a car seat unsafe including if it has been used in a car crash, is more than six years old, is missing important parts and pieces, or is listed on the Recall/Defect list as needed to be destroyed. She says that if parents are unsure they can check for car seat recalls online.

The car seat "round up" will take place on April 5th from 4-6 p.m. in the North Hills at 7702 McKnight Road. Everyone who contributes a car seat will receive a free Happy Meal. More information about car and booster seat safety can be found at the AAA website.

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