Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DU Launches Energy and Environment Institute

In an effort to bring together experts in several fields related to energy and the environment, Duquesne University has launched a new institute. Associate Academic Vice President for Research Dr. Alan Seadler says the university has “strengths in economics, energy policy and law” and the institute will help them to better interact.

“Southwestern Pennsylvania has, because of its resources and history, a real key roll to play in the evolution of not only existing energy resources but also evolving energy resources, including alternate energy,” says Seadler. The institute is still in the very early stages and Seadler expects to see more outward activity in the coming month. “[We will] begin to look, and a hard look, at what are some of the decisions around what we are doing and what we are trying to do in the energy area.”

Seadler says the institute will primarily publish research papers and hold symposiums and seminars. He says he hopes the institute will provide a “neutral space for a dialogue” about energy while including both the industry and environmentalists.

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