Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Johnstown Flood Museum to Open New Exhibit

A temporary exhibit focusing on the popular media of the Johnstown flood is set to open this April. The Johnstown Flood Museum will host "From Scholarship to Souvenirs: Telling the Story of the Johnstown Flood" which will include souvenirs, poetry, sheet music for flood songs, prints, and other artifacts.

Shelley Johansson, spokeswoman for the Johnstown Area Heritage Association, says the flood story has never ceased to fascinate. "It's got all the ingredients of an incredible story and I think the museum itself is very compelling, it's just the story of the flood stands on its own. I think this is another way of looking at the flood story that is very interesting, it's how people have depicted it, how people have remembered it, how people have chosen to commemorate it."

Johansson says the exhibit will also have a special section devoted to the 1989 Flood Centennial, a year long commemoration featuring events, concerts, films, and parades.

The exhibit is set to open April 30th on the third floor, originally used as a gym, and run for a year.

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