Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spay/Neuter Program Delayed

Pittsburgh’s Law Department hasn’t finalized several contracts that would allow a free spay and neuter program to begin, more than a month after it was announced.

Council President Darlene Harris says her $170,000 program can start accepting applicants as soon as contracts are completed with the North Side’s Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, the Animal Rescue League in East Liberty and Animal Friends in Ohio Township.

Harris says the program was cut by Act 47 state oversight about seven years ago, but the city has found that capturing and euthanizing stray animals is more expensive than running a spay and neuter program.

The Council President says catching strays also takes up valuable time and resources of the city’s Animal Care & Control officers.

Harris says last year, the city spent $300,000 to euthanize about 1500 animals. She says it would cost Pittsburgh about half that much money to spay and neuter 4000 animals.

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