Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bennington Jabs Colleague With Amendment

A proposal for sweeping changes to animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania could make even boiling live lobsters illegal. But State Representative Lisa Bennington of Morningside says she's not really expecting anyone to take her proposal seriously. Her proposal would amend a bill by House Judiciary Chairman Tom Caltagirone, which calls for certain procedures on dogs to be performed only by veterinarians. Bennington is proposing her amendment as part of a feud with Caltagirone over another piece of legislation she's sponsoring. House Bill 1137 would give victims of child sex abuse more time to sue perpetrators. Caltagirone says he won't allow the bill to move forward. Bennington says it's "egregious" that Caltagirone is making dogs a greater priority than victims of sex abuse.

Bennington is leaving the House after one term. She says it's because of her frustration over this bill, and another one that would have required hospitals to inform rape victims about the availability of emergency contraception. That bill never reached the full House for a vote.

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