Friday, June 13, 2008

Bus Driver Run Over, 3 Injured

At 11:10 this morning a 74A Homestead-Squirrel Hill outbound bus ran over its driver and crashed into a tree injuring 3 of the 4 passengers. The bus stopped to pick up a handicapped person and the driver realized that the chairlift would not raise back up. The driver, whose name has not been released, went out to examine the lift when the bus began to roll backward. The driver then tried to jump back onboard the moving bus and consequently had his legs run over by the front right tire. The bus then came to rest when it struck a tree. The driver was taken to UPMC Presbyterian for leg injuries and 2 passengers treated for minor cuts and bruises. One other passenger was treated on the scene. Port Authority Spokesman David Whipkey says the bus has been taken back to the station and the incident is currently under investigation. The accident will not affect traffic and riders on the 74A route should not expect any delays.

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