Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rendell says Clinton will concede soon

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says he thinks Senator Hillary Clinton will concede later this week. He says he does not think she will heed the call of some supporters that she suspend her campaign and then mount a fight on the floor of the convention in August. Rendell thinks Clinton is still the best nominee and he points to her victories in the last few months of the campaign including her ability to capture about 55-percent of the vote in the later primaries. However, he says she will now put her support behind Sen. Barack Obama and he thinks the same will be true of 90-95 percent of the democratic primary voters. To the Clinton supporters who say they will not vote for Obama, Rendell reminds them that the next president may name as many as three supreme court justices and that should not be left to Sen. John Mc Cain.

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