Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Former Duquesne Basketball Players File Suit

Two former Duquesne University basketball players who were shot on campus are now suing the school. The suit says the lives and careers of Shawn James and Kojo Mensah are forever changed because the university failed to provide adequate security at a school dance in 2006. James and Mensah were among five basketball players who were shot by two non-students as they left the dance.

Attorney Teresa Toriseva says the shooting affected the ability of James and Mensah to play basketball. She says James was once projected to be the 17th pick in the NBA draft this Thursday, but now does not expect it to go well.

The lawsuit also alleges that the basketball players were forced to play again before they had fully recovered from their injuries. Toriseva says James was told to take off a boot he was wearing for his foot injury and play with the team because NBA scouts were in town.

Another former Duquesne basketball player who was shot, Stuard Baldonado, filed suit against the school earlier this year.

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