Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quarterback Jim Kelly to Participate in Rally

Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly will stand along side State Senator Jane Orie today in support of House Bill 883, the "Newborn Child Testing Act." The measure would mandate that all newborns be screened for 29 genetic disorders at birth. Currently the state requires that only 6 disorders be screened for. Orie, an Allegheny County Republican, says that every other state has enacted legislature similar to HB 883. She also says that the program will only cost $1 million in state funds to start and will save children's lives and the Commonwealth money in the long run. Jim Kelly has rallied for legislation requiring newborn testing across the country since his child, Hunter, died at the age of 8 of Krabbe Disease which could have been diagnosed and treated if he had been tested as a newborn.

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