Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bill to Cut Science Center State Grant Removed

House Bill 2327, a proposal that would have cut an annual $254,000 state grant for the Carnegie Science Center, has been tabled. The legislation was first proposed as leverage to encourage House Democrats to push through House Bill 2299, a measure that would require county officials to approve any exhibit that would show human corpses. According to 2299, organizers would be forced to provide paperwork detailing where the body came from and prior consent from the person that their body may be put on display. State Representative Mike Fleck, a Democrat from Huntingdon County and leading proponent of both bills, says the threat to the Science Center's state grant has diminished now that 2299 is set to come up for vote June 24th. All of this is in response to Premiere Exhibit's controversial "Bodies" display, which ran at Carnegie this spring.

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