Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kennywood President Wants Apology

Kennywood President Peter McAneny says he's irked by comments from three Pennsylvania representatives. The comments from representatives Tony DeLuca of Penn Hills, David Levdansky of Forward, and Bill Kortz of Dravosburg came during discussion of a bill that would eliminate the amusement tax.

DeLuca says he mentioned that a Spanish-owned conglomerate--Parques Reunidos--had bought Kennywood. He says he supported removing the amusement tax when Kennywood was a family-owned business, but has changed his mind now that the park is owned by an international corporation. He says he doesn't think he said anything inappropriate.

But McAneny says the issue should not be who would benefit from removal of the amusement tax (Parques Reunidos owns 3 of 7 parks that would be affected), but rather the people the tax currently hurts. McAneny asked for an apology by the three representatives and wants them to be reprimanded by the House.

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