Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Biden Touts Stimulus in PA

Right around the time that a Congressional conference committee was hammering out the details of the 789 billion dollar stimulus package, Vice President Joe Biden was in Harrisburg promoting the bill's benefits. It was part of the Obama Administration’s public relations tour touting the spending plan. Biden says the stimulus will pump 16 billion dollars into Pennsylvania's economy, between construction projects, tax breaks, the extension of unemployment benefits and other items. He says he rejects the notion that the stimulus is simply a vehicle for government spending because 90% of the money will wind up in the hands of private companies and contractors. Biden was joined by Governor Rendell and Congressman Tim Holden, who sits on the House transportation committee. The Vice President says he hopes that more Republicans will support the final measure. Not a single House Republican voted for the bill the first time around, and Senator Arlen Specter was one of just three Senate Republicans to back it.

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