Monday, February 23, 2009

Corbett: Bonusgate Continues

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett is hinting his investigation into illegal use of taxpayer dollars recently ran into some snags, but a spokesman for one of the caucuses being investigated says it's cooperating with the probe. When Corbett testified before the House Appropriations Committee, he said the next round of Bonusgate indictments would "shock the conscience." Corbett wouldn't offer many details, but implied he ran into some roadblocks over the past few months, saying, “I can say that the investigation is moving more smoothly now than it was a few months ago.” The House Republican caucus is among the groups being looked into, but spokesman Steve Miskin insists GOP lawmakers and staffers have been working with Corbett since the first reports of illegal bonuses for campaign work. He says, “From that point forward we feel we have cooperated fully with the Attorney General and with his investigation. And we will continue to do so.” House Republicans have spent $1.8 million on legal fees since the investigation began, but Miskin says hiring outside council was the right thing to do. House Democrats have spent more than $2.5 million, while Senate Republicans have paid out $1.4 million in legal bills.

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