Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Market Square Design Unveiled.

Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl says the new design for Market Square will bring to mind a European Plaza. Ground is to be broken for the $5 million project this summer with a grand opening a year later. Ravenstahl says traffic along Forbes Ave. will be cut off but the perimeter will remain open to cars with 27 parking spaces along the rim. Trees will be removed and replaced with taller ones that will allow for better site lines from one end of the square to the other and it will be built as one level to give it that plaza feel. He says the project is pedestrian friendly from start to finish. Ravenstahl says he hopes the square will act like an octopus sending its tentacles into the rest of the golden triangle. $2 million dollars of the project will come from state funds allocated to the city. Another $2.5 million will come from three foundations. Ravenstahl says he is confident the remaining $500-thousand will be found before the project is complete. It is still unclear what will happen with bus traffic. Some say it needs to be removed completely and others say it is an important way to get people to the square. Ravenstahl says there is also still debate about a stage area. Some are calling for a permanent structure while others want something that can be removed. The center of the square is to be stocked with tables and chairs to allow for dining.

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