Thursday, February 12, 2009

City Council Holds Meeting Regarding ACT 47 and The Five Year Plan

Pittsburgh City Council held the first of 7 meetings regarding the creation of a new 5 year plan for the city. The meeting was held to have an overview of the 5 year plan with the act 47 team. Discussed at the meeting were the successes and failures over the last 5 years. City finance director Scott Kunka, City council budget director Bill Urbanic, and ACT 47 Coordinators Dean Kaplan and Jim Roberts testified in front of council.

Council discussed issues that ranged from estimating the figures of future budget surplus's to the need or a larger tax base and the damage done by a forced lowering of the parking tax.

The meetings that will be held in the future will address revenue expectations and the capital budget, pension issues, debt and health care issues, public safety department, public works departments, and all other city departments.

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